HCPSS 2019 Grad Shares Her Senior Week Experience

During the day, we sat on the beach and hung out which was always fun. Sometimes we would play games in the sand like volleyball and football. But I wish I had known what a Senior Week party would be like prior to going to the beach.

One night, a lot of people were going over to this one big party with high school graduates in the county. Although I did not go, I heard about everything that happened. There were drugs and alcohol, people were vaping, and the smell of weed filled the whole house. The police came to the party and almost everyone there got a citation for underage drinking. People had to pay a fine or do community service.

My parents were worried about me and checked in a lot to make sure I was always with someone else. Even though we had a good time hanging out at the beach during the day, I felt worried and uncomfortable with the parties at night and would not choose to do Senior Week again.

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