Giving Tuesday 2023

Pictured above: A member of our Teen Advisory Council, pointing at four of HC DrugFree’s posters on display at Atholton High School. During the summer, teens were instrumental in developing educational resources about drugs, alcohol and mental health. Posters were delivered to all Howard County Public School System’s middle and high schools and Glenelg Country School in August.

How it all began: In 1995, a group of dedicated staff members from a local high school came together to address the challenges of youth drug and alcohol use in their community. This initial effort quickly expanded to encompass multiple schools. By 2004, recognizing the growing demands, the nonprofit organization HC DrugFree was established to comprehensively tackle the evolving needs across the County. Since its inception, HC DrugFree has remained steadfast in its commitment to the Howard County community, working collaboratively with schools, PTAs/PTSAs, local government, and a diverse array of individuals and organizations to address and meet the community’s evolving needs.

HC DrugFree is on the front lines, working passionately to prevent substance misuse and provide crucial education and resources for Howard County residents, with our Teen Advisory Council, composed of exceptional 8th-12th grade students, playing a pivotal role in shaping these efforts.

Why donate to HC DrugFree today? The key to building a resilient and drug-free community lies in empowering our youth and their families. While we remain stalwart in our dedication to providing FREE programs and resources to help County residents stay healthy and achieve success, we are facing unprecedented challenges, finding ourselves $100,000 under last year’s budget due to unexpected shifts in our grant funding.

As a nonprofit organization, HC DrugFree relies solely on one-year grants, fee-for-service contracts, and donations to fund our work. This year, your donations mean more than ever. This Giving Tuesday, your support for HC DrugFree goes beyond a simple donation — it becomes an investment in the well-being and future of Howard County students, older individuals, and families. Every dollar you contribute is a commitment to the safety and future of our community.

Your generosity fuels our mission and directly supports initiatives driven by the voices of our youth.

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